• El Roboto Design Newcastle upon Tyne

    El Roboto Design Newcastle upon Tyne

    Hello Roboto... Welcome to our Newcastle upon Tyne Design Studio

  • El Roboto Graphic Design and Web Design and Development

    El Roboto Graphic Design and Web Design and Development

    Design in Newcastle upon Tyne and Design in London since 2007

  • El Roboto Design Services

    El Roboto Design Services

    Services include brand, print, web and design

  • Capitan CMS

    Capitan CMS

    Capitan Content Management System developed by and exclusive to El Roboto

  • Orangutan Protection Foundation

    Orangutan Protection Foundation

    El Roboto are proud sponsers of the Orangutan Protection Foundation (we've also donated our design services )

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This week at El Roboto

It's been a while since we updated our portfolio, so in the coming weeks we'll be showcasing a variety of new projects we're proud of. Watch this space (and that social media wotsit-o-ma-tron)

And in other news

We're all really, really miffed at missing the aurora. But at least the sun has returned after a gloomy winter where a guest appearance by Sauron wouldn't have been out of character. Some of us are even sporting t-shirts!

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Orangutan Protection Foundation - Saving Orangutans Together - 08456 521 528 - www.opf.org

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